Plants in the park

Here’s something different for you to do if you want to get out with the children at the weekend!

Many of you have been using the Henry Smith Playing Fields, but how many of you have actually noticed the different plants both planted or growing naturally there?  Here’s your chance to find out what is growing. 

One of our councillors has been out with their phone camera and taken lots of pictures of plants in the park and elsewhere in the town and these have been put together in the attached leaflet

Please feel free to print it off and visit the park with your children to see if you can find the plants.  Take pictures of the plants you find that match up with the types of plants listed in the leaflet, then post your pictures along with the plant name on the We Love Potton Facebook 

Mums and Dads, there’s some trivia at the back, some aimed solely at adults, but others bits can be used as you see fit to interpret more information to your children about the plants they find. 

We hope you have fun and it whiles away some pleasurable time in the park and next time you visit 
you’ll notice the plants even more.