Four Seasons Market

Four Seasons Market Stalls include a good selection of the very best local produce, typically local meat, beer, vegetables, artisan bread, cheese, and preserves. There is always a selection of crafts, plants, tea and cakes. The Markets runs from 9am to 1pm in the square in the centre of Potton, surrounded by indispensable small shops.

An outing to Potton Market is a great way to do a bit of shopping, catch up with friends and sample the very best local produce. Stalls typically include local meat, beer, vegetables, artisan bread, butter, cheese and preserves. There is always a selection of crafts, plants, tea and cakes. The Market is surrounded by indispensable small shops offering service and value whether it’s Market day or not. All in all a visit to Potton Market is a most convivial way to spend a morning.

Potton Market Square was the venue for the first Four Seasons Market in the town on 5 December 2009. Since then a market takes place 4 times a year, to offer the best produce available in that season.

Markets take place from 9 to 1pm and the dates of the next market are on our events page, along with details of some of the stalls. If you would like to have a stall at a future market, or to get involved, contact Jenny Ream by email or call 01767 260304.


The right to hold a market in Potton was first granted in 1094. At this time the land now occupied by the town was owned by St. Andrew’s Priory in Northampton. It is probable that the current market square developed from this date.

In 1287 the town started to collect Market Tolls, presumably payable to the Lord of the Manor. In the fourteenth century, Potton was owned by the Burgoyne family, having been granted the manorial rights by John O’Gaunt himself. In 1501, the market toll profits went to John Burgoyne and it is during this century that the first Saturday market was held in Potton.

It is well know that the Shambles existed in the Market Square. These stall like buildings date back to at least 1715 when they are first recorded in an insurance document. The original buildings were renovated in 1797 and survived until the 20th century.

Trading and the sale of food and drink has therefore been in operation for over 900 years in Potton. The reintroduction of the Four Seasons Market continues this tradition and the organisers – volunteersacting on the response from the Potton Town Plan questionnaire – look forward to welcoming everyone to the Square to keep the tradition going