Potton Youth Council

Potton Town Council believe that young people are the future of our communities, and we feel it is important that we as a town council invest in them.

Being an active member of Potton Youth Council (PYC) will give individuals the opportunity to develop key skills including communication, leadership, teamwork, professionalism, and fundraising. Many of these skills, as well as making a positive contribution to the community, are both rewarding and recognised as crucial skills by employers.

Members of the Youth Council will also enjoy a range of activities and make useful contacts in the community. They will learn about future opportunities to become an elected Councillor or to develop a career within politics, local government and the voluntary and community sector.

We will support PYC in achieving the following objectives:

To develop a culture of participation in the democratic process and to develop an awareness of citizenship.
Be empowered to take decisions and actions to improve the community they live in.
Form partnerships with local and national organisations.
Promote respect for each other and the community.
Encourage all young people to have a voice and believe their views are valued.

We are still looking for more young people to join Potton Youth Council, so if you would like to be a part of this exciting adventure, please see our Vacancies page for more information.

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