Four Seasons Market

Potton’s Four Seasons Market (what3words ///spots.mirroring.talker)

The Four Seasons Market runs from 9 am to 1 pm.  The dates for 2024 markets are as follows:

Spring – 16th March 2024
Summer – 15th June 2024
Autumn – 21st September 2024
Winter – Saturday 30th November 2024
(combined with the Christmas Lights Switch-on market. Visit our Christmas Lights page.)

Markets represent our oldest and most successful form of exchange and Potton was granted its charter during the reign of William II in 1094.  From the 12th Century, it enjoyed a flourishing weekly market, which developed into one of the most important in Bedfordshire during Tudor and Stuart times, but declined after the Great Fire of 1783.  Four annual horse fairs were also held until only one remained and finally ended in 1932.

The quarterly markets were originally set up by volunteers supported by Potton Town Council, which was in response to interest shown by local residents in the 2009 Potton Town Plan Questionnaire. Today, the Spring, Summer and Autumn markets are now run by Potton Town Council and are held on the third Saturday of March, June and September, and the Winter market is now combined with the Christmas Lights Switch-on market.  It has never claimed to be, and is not, a Farmers’ Market, but the aim is to use local producers and have a breadth of products that try not to replicate what is offered by our much-appreciated Market Square shops.

The stall holders are very loyal and friendly, creating what feels like a community event.  Helped along by some live music and the liveliness of Party on Potton, the market has become a nice place to linger, socialise and shop as well as promoting local charities and volunteer groups.

A typical array of stalls include: chilli products, preserves, artisan breads, a brewery, game and free-range meat, cheese, greengrocer, honey producer, chocolate and sweet makers, cup cakes, bead jewellery, hand-made needlecraft, crocheted and children’s clothing, plants, frozen fish, farm produced pies and a hog roast.

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