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  • Visit from Father Christmas November 27, 2020

    Father Christmas will be visiting Potton on Saturday 5th December 2020 starting at 5pm.  Father Christmas has advised he will not be able to visit every road in Potton, though he will try and visit as many as he can on this special visit to Potton.  Please listen out and look out for Father Christmas and his elves.  Father Christmas has asked me to remind you about social distancing and he looks forwards to waving to the boys and girls.

  • Co-option of three Councillors Vacancies November 24, 2020

    All potential candidates are requested to submit your request for consideration in writing with the following additional information:

    i. reason for wishing to be Councillor;
    ii. previous Community/Council work; and
    iii. other skills you can bring to the Council.

    More information is on our Vacancies page.

    Applications will be considered at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday 5th January 2021.  For further information, please refer to the town council’s Co-option procedure.

    The closing date for applications is on Tuesday 15th December 2020.  Submit your application to the Town Clerk, Mr Jonathan Whitehurst by email or by post to Potton Town Council, The Community Centre, Brook End, Potton SG19 2QS.

  • Potton’s Christmas Lights November 24, 2020

    Potton’s Christmas lights have been installed in the Market Square by volunteers and Potton Town Council Christmas Lights Committee and were switched on on Sunday 22nd November.

    Various additional lights are now on display including the winning designs from the 2019 Christmas Light Decoration Competition – the Snow Globe, winner of the under 10s category and the Christmas Cracker, winner of the 10-18 years category.

    Thank you to all those who helped the town council put up this year’s display.

  • Light Up Potton 2020 Competition November 19, 2020

    Party On Potton in conjunction with Potton Town Council’s Christmas Lights Committee are bringing you the Light Up Potton Christmas Competition.

    There are three categories to enter Best Dressed Window, Best Dressed Home and Best Dress Shop, Pub or Business.

    The above poster has all the information and rules of entry and you can download the competition entry form here.

    Good luck!

  • Christmas & New Year Refuse, Recycling and Garden Waste Collections November 18, 2020

    Central Bedfordshire Council has announced dates for all Refuse & Recycling and Garden Waste collections over the 2020/2021 festive period.

    Please note: all kerbside garden waste collections will be suspended between Monday 7th December 2020 and Friday 26th February 2021 inclusive, thus making Potton’s last garden waste collection on Friday 27th November.  Collections will resume from Monday 1st March 2021, and Potton’s collections will begin again on Friday 5th March 2021.

    You can find out more information from the CBC website here.

  • Letters for Father Christmas November 10, 2020

    Father Christmas usually receives several envelopes with letters enclosed from the boys and girls of Potton at the Christmas Lights switch-on.  Father Christmas is aware that the Christmas Lights switch-on event will not be taking place in Potton this year.

    Father Christmas has asked me to advise of the following:-

    If any boys and girls would like to send a letter to Father Christmas, please can you arrange for your letter to be either hand delivered in the letter box in the side door of the Community Centre in Brook End, in an envelope with Father Christmas written on the envelope or posted with a stamp to Father Christmas c/o Potton Town Council, Brook End, Potton, Bedfordshire, SG19 2QS.  The envelope must arrive by no later than Sunday 6th December.

    Father Christmas has asked me to remind all the boys and girls that they must advise of a name and address if they would like Father Christmas to write back to them.  Father Christmas recalls last year a letter from one child, that the address of the child was not advised and his helpers had to spend a great deal of time trying to find the address.  Please parent(s) or guardian(s) do check that your child or children has written their address on the back of the letter or write the address on the letter for them.

  • Garden Waste Collections – Winter Break October 20, 2020

    Once again there will be a winter break for all kerbside collections of household garden waste across Central Bedfordshire.  The collections will be suspended from Monday 7th December 2020 until Friday 26th February 2021 inclusive.

    The last collection date in Potton will be on Friday 27th November.  For more information, please visit

    Garden waste collections in Potton will resume on Friday 5th March 2021.

  • Update to Coronavirus COVID-19 page May 11, 2020

    Our Coronavirus COVID-19 page has been updated with new information from Central Bedfordshire Council on accessing Safe Space if you are experiencing Domestic Abuse.  Click here and scroll to the Central Bedfordshire section to find out more.

  • Help raise £2,000 to Support Potton families during the COVID-19 Lockdown April 11, 2020

    Potton Community Help need your financial support

    Potton Community Help are working hard to support those who are self-isolating due to the COVID19 virus, ranging from shopping, collecting prescriptions and other urgent supplies to making a friendly phone call and posting mail.

    However, during the COVID19 Lockdown, many Potton families are going to suffer from short-term financial hardships leading to Food Poverty. Potton Town Council has set up and will manage a support fund to enable us to provide food for these families, working closely with the Potton Community Help coordinators and our current Community Agent and Community and Wellbeing Champion.

    As we progress through this lengthy period of lockdown, we will need to raise further funds in order to support our Potton residents that have been severely affected financially. We are therefore asking you to help us by donating whatever you can afford to this JustGiving fund. All of the money raised will go towards supporting our Potton residents in their hour of need. £58 will feed a Potton family for one week (source – The Need Project).

    Please give generously.

    At the end of the pandemic, we will use any remaining funds to continue supporting Potton families in need.

  • Please avoid lighting bonfires April 8, 2020

    This is a plea to the communities of Bedfordshire from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

    We know that this is a difficult time for us all but we need to listen to what the government is telling us.  Everyday life has changed and we are all feeling the impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has on ourselves and our communities.  Because of this situation, our front line services are working harder than ever to keep our communities safe.

    On Sunday 5 April, the BFRS attended 12 bonfires.  Two were serious fires; one a fire in a rear garden that spread to the property.  10% of the property was damaged by fire and 50% was damaged by smoke.  The other was a fire involving a large amount of building materials which was left unattended.  The home owner was located and advice given by the fire service and police.

    Despite our guidance, people continue to light open fires, knowing the risks & damage to the environment.  We urge you to please stop.

    Please do not light bonfires, keep your families safe.

    Please listen to the message from Chief Fire Officer Paul Fuller here:


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