Potton Green Wheel

One of the many Potton Neighbourhood Plan projects is to create the Potton Green Wheel,
a circular walking/cycling ‘Green Wheel’ route around Potton, with various ‘spokes’ from the town centre.  For a number of years the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group together with a number of Potton residents has been working with the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) and Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) to make this project a reality, and the Potton Green Wheel Masterplan has now been adopted by CBC and both Potton Town Council and Sutton Parish Council.

  Potton Green Wheel Masterplan 2021

Now the real work begins, seeking to iron out the various snags along the preferred route.  The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will start with a walking ‘Green Wheel’, producing a map together with signposts and waymarker signs and information boards en-route.  If you are interested in joining this working group,  please contact the Town Clerk by emailing pottoncouncil@btconnect.com.  Additional support and ideas are always welcome.