Potton Town Council meets monthly.  Full Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month except August.  They follow the Planning Committee, which starts at 7.00pm in the Community Centre.

PDF of agendas for forthcoming Council meeting(s):

In 2019 the full Council has arranged to meet on the following dates:
8th January 2019
5th February 2019
5th March 2019
2nd April 2019

14th May 2019 – Annual Meeting of Town Council

Town Council meetings are open to the public. There is a regular item –  usually near the start of the meeting – when members of the public can raise issues which they think are important in the town and concern a significant group of people.

The Potton Town Chairman chairs full Council meetings and meetings proceed with an interesting and necessary degree of formality – necessary to ensure that the views of all councillors are heard and respected.

The minutes of all Council meetings are available, see below.

Meetings of Council Committees
The Town Council conducts a lot of its practical business and discussion at committee meetings:

  • Buildings and Facilities
  • Planning
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Playing Fields, Allotments and Burials
  • Responsible Dog Ownership

Meetings of these committees are open to the public. They are normally held in the Community Centre in the evening.

The Town Council has also a number of sub-committees and working groups, notably for Christmas Lights.

Annual Town meeting
An Annual Town Meeting is held in Potton every year between 1st March and 1st June.  A Town Meeting is for Potton residents and at that meeting any matter of concern or interest which relates primarily to Potton can be raised for discussion.

If requiring minutes prior to those available on the website, please contact the town council.