The Town Council manages an allotment site at Everton Road, Potton.  There are 44 full size allotment plots, with two full plots and one half plot currently vacant.

If you wish to grow your own fruit and vegetables, have a more active lifestyle and eat healthily, there is a thriving allotment community with tenants of all ages helping and advising each other.  Allotment holders often share young plants and seeds and help themselves to a free supply of horse manure.  The Potton Allotments Association has its own Facebook page and all allotments holders are encouraged to join.

The Council has provided a water supply and a notice board.  Allotment holders are not allowed to keep livestock, but a small shed is permitted with permission.  You can find out more information, including allotment charges, from the Town Clerk by calling 01767 260086 or email giving your name, address and a contact telephone number.  Please note that the Council has resolved that tenants must be resident in Potton.

Below is a copy of the allotment tenancy agreement which was updated by the town council on the 1st November 2016.