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  • Winter break for garden waste collections November 20, 2023

    Kerbside collections of household garden waste will pause as usual during the winter months across Central Bedfordshire.

    Garden waste collections will be suspended for 12 weeks from Monday 4th December 2023 until Friday 23rd February 2024 inclusive. Potton’s final collection will be on Friday 24th November, and will resume on Friday 1st March 2024. During this period, all other waste collections will operate as normal.

    Over the winter, very low volumes of garden waste are collected so it is not cost-effective or environmentally friendly to provide the service during these months. Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) is encouraging residents to  sign up for email alerts  to receive timely notifications about the resumption of garden waste collections and other waste service changes throughout the year. For more information about garden waste and collection dates you can also visit:

    During the break, garden waste can still be recycled at any of CBC’s four Household Waste Recycling Centres which are open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm, including bank holidays. For further details, including the opening times over the Christmas and New Year period, please visit:

    Residents with enough space in their gardens are encouraged to home compost and can access tips and advice on CBC’s website. 

    Residents can also prepare for the festive season by following the CBC’s social media and checking the website for collection dates throughout the Christmas period:

  • Don’t take it out on our staff, town councillors or volunteers September 15, 2023

    Due to a further incident today, a reminder please to be polite and courteous when speaking to town council staff, councillors and volunteers.

  • Stop idling, start saving! September 6, 2023

    Every minute counts” is Central Bedfordshire Council’s message as they launch a campaign urging drivers to switch off their engines when they are stationary.

    The campaign comes after the council’s survey last year, which 1,687 people responded to, which revealed almost half of Central Bedfordshire residents believe engine idling has a negative impact on their health.

    Leaving a car running while stationary, known as engine idling, reduces air quality and, as emissions stay near the car, those nearest to you are most affected. Exhaust fumes are especially harmful to children, who are closer to car exhaust pipes, and older people who are more likely to have cardiovascular illnesses.

    Idle engines are also wasteful because the car is using fuel unnecessarily. Contrary to a common misconception, idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel and gives off more emissions than stopping and restarting your engine. Idling can also damage car engines over time, creating a build-up of carbon which makes them work less efficiently and wear out faster.

    Other results from the 2022 survey reveal:

    88% agree that engine idling has a negative impact on air quality
    Just under half (49%) say it has a negative impact on their physical health
    Almost a third (32%) believe their day-to-day activities were affected by the problem
    Nearly two thirds (63%) say that people are not generally aware of the issue
    Idling outside schools and shops were highlighted as the problem areas.

  • Potton Friendship Group September 6, 2023
  • Essential life saving equipment installed at Henry Smith Playing Fields August 25, 2023

    Potton Town Council has installed its new essential life saving equipment at Henry Smith Playing Fields today.

    The Reach and Rescue long-reach, telescopic water rescue poles and equipment enable emergency services, search and rescue teams and the public to conduct swift, directionally accurate rescues by retrieving casualties from safe distances – minimising the danger posed to themselves whilst also boosting casualty survival chances.

    If you should need the equipment at any time, the instructions for use are on the board.

  • Community Safety Survey for Young People August 17, 2023

    Young people from 11 – 18 years old can take part

    Central Bedfordshire Council’s Safer Communities & Partnership Team is asking individuals between 11 and 18 years old to take part in its youth survey.

    Designed with the input of young people, the survey will help the team understand how they feel about safety in their local area and identify the issues they believe need attention.

    The survey is an offshoot of the annual Safer Central Survey, where residents can give feedback on issues like fly tipping and anti-social behaviour. The team recognise the importance of gathering feedback from a younger demographic, who may have slightly different concerns and priorities, which was why a separate survey was designed.

    The results from the survey will help inform future community safety priorities. The survey was shared with schools in Central Bedfordshire before they broke up for the summer holidays, and features information about local support services specifically for young people.

    If you’re a parent or take care of someone between 11 and 18 years old, please encourage them to take part. It won’t take long, just a few minutes, and will allow them to have input into improving their local community.

    Take part in the youth survey.

    Anyone over 18 can take part in the Safer Central Survey.

  • Twinning Charter July 31, 2023

    A councillor from Langenlonsheim and her family recently visited Potton and met with Cllr Carol Leggatt.  Carol was given information on the Twinning Charter (above).

  • Do you know this artist? July 31, 2023

    Does anyone recognise this painting or know the artist J. Livesey? Can the artist please get in touch with us by phoning 01767 260086 or email

  • Annual Canvass – Don’t lose your voice! July 14, 2023

    Are your electoral registration details up to date?

    Annual canvass – July to November 2023
    What is the annual canvass?

    The canvass happens each year to ensure the electoral register is up to date and includes all those who are eligible to vote. You need to be registered to be able to vote in any election or referendum for which you are eligible. The electoral register is also used by credit reference agencies, so it is important that you are correctly registered at the property where you currently live.

    Being on the electoral register means you can vote in elections. With Police and Crime Elections taking place in our area next May, this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure you can take part.

    For people who have provided an email address, you’ll receive an email from: Please respond to this as soon as you can. For everyone else, you will receive a letter addressed to the household from the middle of August. Please follow the instructions on the letter carefully.

    Find out more.

  • Safer Central Community Survey July 14, 2023

    Have your say on Community Safety!

    Central Bedfordshire Council would like to hear your views on crime and anti-social behaviour in your area.

    By completing the survey you can make sure that your voice is heard around the issues that are important to you.

    Community Safety officers are out in the community to talk to residents regularly. They can offer advice and information around keeping safe, and this engagement helps them to identify our communities key concerns.

    Please share your thoughts so that you can help them to keep Central Bedfordshire a great place to live and work.

    The community safety survey doesn’t take long to complete and gives the Safer Communities and Partnership Team the opportunity to focus on the issues that really matter to you.

    The survey is open to anybody who lives or works in Central Bedfordshire and it runs annually, so even if you completed it last year they would like to hear from you again.

    Safer Central Community Survey

    If you are under 18 years old or have younger family members, please complete the Safer Central Youth Survey.
    Safer Central Youth Survey

    General community safety information
    The website has a range of information and links relating to community safety, such as:

    reporting anti-social behaviour
    reporting abandoned vehicles
    reporting noise nuisance
    details about dog control orders

    Visit the community safety pages for more information.


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