Market Square EV Parking Bays

At the Town Council meeting on Tuesday 9th January 2024, the confusion around parking in the Market Square EV parking bays was discussed.

Following the meeting, the Town Clerk has made a request to Central Bedfordshire Council’s (CBC) Senior Sustainable Transport Officer, of the Sustainable Transport and Active Travel Department, to mark the dedicated EV charging bays with the additional word ‘ONLY’ to try to avoid the confusion caused to people parking in the Square.

CBC Cllr Tracey Wye posted the following message on Facebook on 28th November 2023.
“Potton Market Square Tickets Cancelled
When it was reported that a number of drivers were issued fines for parking in the EV bays on the Market Square, I contacted CENTRAL BEDFORDSHIRE COUNCIL to find out what was going on.
I got officers to investigate and as a result five out of the seven tickets have been cancelled.
They will also be ensuring traffic wardens are reminded that only two of the parking bays are for EV only, the rest can be used by drivers of petrol, diesel or electric vehicles.
Parking in the square is free for up to two hours, no return within two hours, Monday-Saturday, between 8am and 6pm.
Electric vehicles can be parked in EV bays for up to six hours if they are charging.”

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