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Give Central Bedfordshire Council your views on their economic strategy

Take part in Central Bedfordshire Council’s Survey

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) is developing an economic strategy that recognises the short-term impacts of COVID-19, but focuses on the longer-term direction for the local economy and wants residents and local businesses to help it shape the strategy.

Along with their Sustainability Plan, the new strategy is an important pillar to support their Vision for Central Bedfordshire.

Last year, along with a broad range of stakeholders, residents and partners, they began working together to develop a shared Vision for 2050.  It seeks to ensure they maintain and enhance what is great about Central Bedfordshire, but also embraces the future and how our lives and the world of work are changing.

CBC want a prosperous, thriving, innovative economy underpinned by a skilled workforce with a culture of innovation. They want to encourage a diverse range of flourishing businesses along

They want an economy that is based on seizing opportunities for all, led by a green recovery.  So they want to hear your views on how you think they can do that.

They want to continue to be a great place for business – especially SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprise) which bring investment, employment opportunities and vibrancy to our towns and villages.

They want an education system that is truly inclusive, closes skill gaps, helps our young people into great jobs and supports our older generations with lifelong learning.

They’ve also identified a number of specific areas that they believe are essential building blocks to achieve our Economic Strategy as well as their Vision for 2050.   But they want to be sure they’ve chosen the right ones and would like your assistance in ranking them in order of importance in supporting a sustainable economy.

Your views whether as individual, a local business or local organisation are important to them. So please take the time to complete their survey.

Survey opened: Tuesday 15 September 2020
Survey closes: Wednesday 30 September 2020

Town Council Meeting – Online

The next Town Council meeting will be held online on Tuesday 6th October 2020 following a meeting of the Planning Committee which starts at 7pm.
Public and Press welcome.
During the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, meetings will be held online via Zoom.  To receive joining instructions for these meetings, please email providing your name and address details.

Update to Coronavirus COVID-19 page

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 page has been updated with new information from Central Bedfordshire Council on accessing Safe Space if you are experiencing Domestic Abuse.  Click here and scroll to the Central Bedfordshire section to find out more.

Help raise £2,000 to Support Potton families during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Potton Community Help need your financial support

Potton Community Help are working hard to support those who are self-isolating due to the COVID19 virus, ranging from shopping, collecting prescriptions and other urgent supplies to making a friendly phone call and posting mail.

However, during the COVID19 Lockdown, many Potton families are going to suffer from short-term financial hardships leading to Food Poverty. Potton Town Council has set up and will manage a support fund to enable us to provide food for these families, working closely with the Potton Community Help coordinators and our current Community Agent and Community and Wellbeing Champion.

As we progress through this lengthy period of lockdown, we will need to raise further funds in order to support our Potton residents that have been severely affected financially. We are therefore asking you to help us by donating whatever you can afford to this JustGiving fund. All of the money raised will go towards supporting our Potton residents in their hour of need. £58 will feed a Potton family for one week (source – The Need Project).

Please give generously.

At the end of the pandemic, we will use any remaining funds to continue supporting Potton families in need.

Please avoid lighting bonfires

This is a plea to the communities of Bedfordshire from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

We know that this is a difficult time for us all but we need to listen to what the government is telling us.  Everyday life has changed and we are all feeling the impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has on ourselves and our communities.  Because of this situation, our front line services are working harder than ever to keep our communities safe.

On Sunday 5 April, the BFRS attended 12 bonfires.  Two were serious fires; one a fire in a rear garden that spread to the property.  10% of the property was damaged by fire and 50% was damaged by smoke.  The other was a fire involving a large amount of building materials which was left unattended.  The home owner was located and advice given by the fire service and police.

Despite our guidance, people continue to light open fires, knowing the risks & damage to the environment.  We urge you to please stop.

Please do not light bonfires, keep your families safe.

Please listen to the message from Chief Fire Officer Paul Fuller here:

Office Closed

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Town Council office is now closed until further notice.
Members of council staff and councillors can be contacted by email  Councillors can be contacted by telephone whose numbers can be found on the Contact page.
The office answer machine will be checked for messages on a weekly basis.