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Play areas (including skatepark and outdoor gym) to reopen

The play areas in Potton (including the skatepark and outdoor gym in Henry Smith Playing Fields and Mill Lane Recreation Ground) have been closed for some time now, in line with the Government’s coronavirus guidance.  The Government has now announced that outdoor play areas can reopen from 4th July 2020 ‘where safe to do so’.

When lock down began, the play areas were closed, with grass deliberately left uncut to discourage use.  Sites were locked via a combination of cable ties and padlocks, as well as signage.   Our grass cutting contractor, CGM has cut the grass in play area, skatepark and outdoor gym in preparation, however this doesn’t mean sites are open once cut.  They will remain closed until the 4th July 2020.

The town council would like a to say a big thank you to all the children in the town who have been abiding by the rules put in place to keep everyone safe by not using our playgrounds (including the skatepark) for the past few months.    Thank you also to the adults in the town who have been abiding by the same rules by not using the skatepark and outdoor gym.   We know this has been hard and I am sure you are pleased to hear they will be re-opening on 4th July 2020.    Thank you also goes to the parents and families who have had to manage energy levels of children over the past 3 months.

Formal safety inspections have been carried so that we can confidently remove locks, cable ties and signage at the appropriate time.

We will be adding new signage, and we would ask all parents, carers and adults to please read and take note of these signs.  Please use hand sanitisers before and after using the play equipment, outdoor gym and skatepark to keep everybody safe so that the area can be enjoyed by all.  Should anyone be showing symptoms, please do not use the play area, skatepark or outdoor gym and follow Government guidance for self-isolating and reporting procedures.  Social distancing of course remains in place, which we understand can be hard with little ones, but let’s all just try to enjoy the facilities and stay safe.  We hope you all have a great time playing!

There will be changes to the play areas and how they are used. Please:

  • limit your time using the facility to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to use it safely
  • monitor and take responsibility for your children at all times
  • do not overcrowd play equipment, outdoor gym or skatepark
  • consider taking wipes to clean/sanitise equipment and touch points
  • take your litter home with you or use the bins provided
  • avoid eating and drinking in play area, skatepark and outdoor gym

Four Seasons Market

Four Seasons Market Stalls include a good selection of the very best local produce, typically local meat, beer, vegetables, artisan bread, cheese, and preserves.  There is always a selection of crafts, plants, tea and cakes.  The Markets run from 9 am to 1 pm in the Market Square in the centre of Potton, surrounded by indispensable small shops.  For more information, see this link.

*Please note that there will be social distancing measures in place whilst the market is running.*

Potton’s Butterfly Walk

Have you tried our new butterfly walk yet?  The leaflet can be downloaded here.

The next few weeks are the peak time to see most species at this recently designated County Wildlife Site (CWS).  Mid-mornings to lunchtimes are usually best on warm (not hot) still days. The route was walked over this last weekend and a total of 13 different kinds of butterfly were seen, including a species the site was designated for – the White-letter Hairstreak.

Before you go, don’t forget to download the free app to help identify and record what you see:

Town Council Meeting – Online

The next Town Council meeting will be held online on Tuesday 7th July 2020 following a meeting of the Planning Committee which starts at 7pm.
Public and Press welcome.
During the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, meetings will be held online via Zoom.  To receive joining instructions for these meetings, please email providing your name and address details.

Potton Butterfly Guided Walk Leaflet

Potton Town Council has produced a new guided walk leaflet, which can be downloaded by clicking here.  It is based around the butterflies to be found along the Carthagena Bridleway that runs between Biggleswade Road and Carthagena Road.  The area was an aspiration in the Neighbourhood Plan to have it designated a County Wildlife Site for its wildlife value.  The walk is encompassed by part of Walk 3 in the Walks in & around Potton leaflet, which will enable you, if you wish, to complete a more circular walk from the town.

We will be promoting the walk throughout June and July as this is the time of year when you might expect to find most species.  Some of them are tricky to find and identify, but with a keen eye and giving it plenty of time you could see quite a few species.  To help you identify them, download the IRecord Butterflies App to your mobile.

Good luck, have fun and remember the slower you walk the route the more chance you have for seeing things!

You can find out more information about Potton’s flora and fauna on the Local Environment page.