Annual Canvass – Don’t lose your voice!

Are your electoral registration details up to date?

Annual canvass – July to November 2023
What is the annual canvass?

The canvass happens each year to ensure the electoral register is up to date and includes all those who are eligible to vote. You need to be registered to be able to vote in any election or referendum for which you are eligible. The electoral register is also used by credit reference agencies, so it is important that you are correctly registered at the property where you currently live.

Being on the electoral register means you can vote in elections. With Police and Crime Elections taking place in our area next May, this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure you can take part.

For people who have provided an email address, you’ll receive an email from: Please respond to this as soon as you can. For everyone else, you will receive a letter addressed to the household from the middle of August. Please follow the instructions on the letter carefully.

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