Planning Applications

Planning within Potton

The following applications will be considered at the meeting of the Planning Committee on the 7th of November 2017.
Application No: CB/17/04283/FULL   2 Boxall Close, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2RX.
Loft conversion with front and rear dormer windows and rear rooflights.
Application No: CB/17/04363/FULL  5 Hatley Road, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2DX.
Change of use of land from agricultural smallholding to camping and caravanning site.
Application No: CB/17/04413/FULL  Cherry Tree Farm, 4 Wrestlingworth Road, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2DP.
Demolition of existing rear facing conservatory, and construction of a single storey extension in it’s place.  There is also a new porch and entrance door to the side elevation.
Application No: CB/17/04512/FULL  34 Chapman Close, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2PL.
Proposed two storey rear & 1.5 storey side extension.

The following applications will be considered at the meeting of the Town Council meeting on the 7th of November 2017.
Application No: CB/ 17/04702/FULL   19 Market Square, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2NP.
Replacement shop front.
CB/TCA/17/00433  22 Chapel Street, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2PT.
Notifications of works to trees in a conservation area:  Raise crown of Beech Tree (T1) to clear neighbouring properties by 2m.
Application No: CB/17/04419/LB  5 Sun Street, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2LR.
Listed Building: New non-illuminated signage.

Understanding the Planning Applications

Potton Town Council considers all Potton planning applications. That means when your neighbour submits a planning application or any other application in the town is submitted, the Town Council will consider the application before passing on a recommendation to the Planning Authority at Central Bedfordshire Council.

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC), as the Planning Authority, strives to determine all planning applications within an eight-week cycle. The cycle commences when a planning application is submitted to CBC. As part of the cycle Potton Town Council is consulted on all applications within Potton. CBC also consult with the immediate neighbours of the applicant, with the consultation period lasting for a four week period.

The Town Council’s Planning Committee meet twice a month to consider all Potton applications that fall within the remit of the committee.

Residents are also encouraged to advise the Town Council of any concerns that they might have regarding planning proposals that they feel affect them and suggest that copies of letters sent to the planning department at Central Bedfordshire Council are also forwarded to Potton Town Council.  These can then be considered by the relevant Councillors when viewing the planning application.

As with all Potton Town Council meetings, members of the public are welcome to attend.

The determination of planning applications is primarily conducted via a system of delegation to Council Officers, which means that the Local Planning Authority Officers determine all non-contentious applications, which is approximately 90% of the planning applications received by the Planning Authority. The Planning (Development Management Committee) of CBC determines the remaining 10% of applications in the Potton area.

Central Bedfordshire Councillors, however have the power to “call in” any application they consider needs further investigation, which is a process that ensures the application is determined by the Planning Committee and not determined by a Planning Officer.

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